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Bohemian Paradise

50x60 cm silver-gelatin print with a drawing on the negative, 2015

I photographed a landscape - the rocks around me - from the summits of sandstone towers with a view camera in Czech Paradise :-) It was a long process of carrying a heavy camera onto the towers, but firstly full of strong experiences, which I have all the time

by climbing. I am trying to intervene these to you through my collection and I don't think I am done with it... maybe you'll see

a continuation... Edita

Her collection called "Bohemian Paradise" brought us joke and hyperbole in the form of "dialog" between unseen climbers and rocks on whose summits they climb. Rough humor of tough climbers is mixed with fantasized answers and sayings of the rock towers

on which they climb.

Shortened from: Richard Konicek

Alteration of Function of Vehicle

photographs 60x50 cm, 2010

In Czech Republic there are two possibilities how to unregister a vehicle. First option is to get a confirmation of “ecological disposal”. Second is called: “Change of the vehicle purpose”, this way it is possible to unregister a vehicle, if one proves, that it changed

its original purpose. Therefore people usually bring to the authority photographs of the wreck, which is used as a hen house

or as a kennel or something similar. I decided to transform the wreck into an artwork.

I photographed with a large format camera, through the wreck window every Sunday on one slide film. Onto these slides I scratched the landscape from the previous photographs, because now I would be happy if I could drive through the same land again.


50x60 cm silver-gelatin print with a drawing on the negative, 2009

I photographed the landscape where I drove everyday there and back. I took pictures with a large format camera on black and white film through the window by the left side of the driver, because I wanted the shot look the same as a driver sees it. Than I drew

on the negative with a permanent marker where I would rather be or what I was thinking about by driving through these places.


photographic emulsion on clothes, 2006

This project is about the journey and experience absorbed into ones skin and clothes in the form of dirtiness. It is a pity to wash all these experiences straight away once you are back home and damage this way physical record of their existence. Therefore

I enlarged photos from Mexico with the use of photographic emulsion on the already mentioned outfits. With the use

of this technique I made an artpiece for an album out of them, because it is not possible to wash it or wear it anymore.
In the photographs are shots from demonstrations in Oaxaca and some are from Chichen Itzá.


photographic emulsion on canvas 55 x 55 cm, 2007

On a trip in The Cairngorms in Scotland I took only these two shots, because it was so cold there, that I could not use fingers

on my hand properly. I enlarged it with the use of photographic emulsion on canvas and I further boosted their imperfections, because it exactly embodies what I had in mind during a long freezing night without sleep. Warning: do not go to Scotland

with a cheap summer sleeping bag.


photographic emulsion on canvas 55 x 55 cm, 2007

These are random pictures originate in experiments with photographic emulsion. The canvases have not turned into black squares, but out of the picture peers some grotesque animal, which wipes out boundary between conscious and unconscious. Similarly

to the morning after a party.

Bugs on the Fair

These are the emotions from the fair, inspired by my favourite book from my childhood. In fact there are beetle puppets, so the hand makes an impression of the body with heads or hands made out of clay. I work with memory of the childhood and I try to arise

the observer's imagination.

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