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oil on canvas 2020


oil on canvas 100 x 50 cm, 2012 - 2020

How do we present our personalities and lives in public? Do we behave differently online and in the "real" world? And what exactly is the "real" world? Our contributions or comments on Facebook are also read by "real" people after all..

The Edita's "Facebook" project examines the phenomenon of this medium and self-presentation. What exactly our profile tells about us? We mostly share only positive feelings or successes, photos which are either funny or sexy, we tend to create our better "avatar". It is not about critics however, it is rather a social study; Edita is also an active Facebook user after all. She has painted

these canvases according to real photos and chats on Facebook, thus bringing them back to the "real" world. And some reactions have been rather surprising. Some asked to change their username, others were pleased by becoming a part of this artwork..

text: Martin Fojtek, Gallery Fotografic

Alteration of Function of Vehicle

oil painting on engine bonnet, 150x150 cm, 2010

In Czech Republic there are two possibilities how to unregister a vehicle. First option is to get a confirmation of “ecological disposal“. Second is called: “Change of the vehicle purpose“, this way it is possible to unregister a vehicle, if one proves, that it changed

its purpose. Therefore people usually bring to the authority photographs of a wreck, which is used as a hen house or as a kennel or something similar. I decided to transform the wreck into an artwork.

The paint is dashed directly on the crashed engine bonnet, traditionally with oil colours. Its original surface is glazing like a mirror, so I installed the bonnet into our room and painted everything I saw reflected in it including the reflection of myself. The bonnet undercoat is black metallic and shows through in the dark and black parts of the painting. When installed in a gallery the black metallic is also reflecting parts and lights of the surrounding, so than there are two reflections at once.

Story about a High Voltage power pole

oil on canvas 55x55 cm, 2011

I painted these canvases for a company CAO Central Allocation Munich. After a discussion over drawings came out this story

about the power pole, who starts to be bored on the meadow one day. He manages to free himself and runs to a pub. However,

he doesn't like the music there, so he decides to become a DJ. He takes some girls with and returns back to his home place. There is already a commotion caused by technicians looking for him. The power pole returns, begins to play, so they all celebrate,

the end of working hours for today.


oil on canvas, 50x50 cm, 2005-06

How I ate a ladybug 

oil on canvas, 2005

You certainly also have the feeling sometimes, that it would be best to swim somewhere far away from the city. Perharps as a fish, yeah, but what about if you have stayed on that place you are and the fish would be a bit bigger=than you would stay to flap

on the ground and hope, that water is closer than you think. Really, I ate a ladybug and after its reinkarnation into a fox, it bit me and those transformed into a whale, none cared about me, I was held off there and at the end someone spilled beer at me.= I wanted to go away! Than suddenly they took me away. It was tight and dirty there …, but at the end … —Hurrrra! -sea, freedom, whales! 

Hydrant in the forest

oil on canvas, frame, 2003-06

This episode introduces us into a free compiled fairy tale about a hydrant, who is discontent and looking for satisfaction. This is

the reason why he leaves for the nature, which seems incomprehensible to him at first, but finally he finds his place on Earth.

1000 flies and one night

oil on canvas, 2003

Fly! Why have I chosen this odd subject for my paintings? Because this small creature sees us differently. It flies in our apartement, it looks into our privacy. Often it just annoying us. Fly sees everything with its own subjectively abstract view. How? Try to think about it. Let imagine yourself in a fly's shoes.

Initiation Rite

oil on canvas, 50x100 cm, 2006


oil on canvas, 40x50 cm, 2004
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